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Using Wireless Receivers for a Professional Touch

Wireless receivers are used alongside wireless transmitters to convey information between two points. They carry out the same function as a wired-in application, but without the need for labour-intensive installation and the complications of having lots of different wires. It can be a convenient way for businesses to effectively monitor their security. It’s possible to … Continue reading

digital receivers

Whether a person wants to watch digital TV on his computer or on his analog TV he will need a way of receiving digital broadcasts. While many people are not happy about their analog televisions not working there is a great solution. Digital receivers for TV can be bought and enable analog TVs to receive … Continue reading

Digitial Microwave Receivers

Enterprise Control Systems Ltd (ECS) variety of digital microwave receivers have been made to be compatible with ECS airborne downlinks and ground transmitters. The receivers vary in size and capability, this allows for rack mounted ground equipment to become installed either remotely or directly into an operational Headquarters. ECS offer briefcase, mobile and handheld receivers; … Continue reading