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Residential Locksmiths and their Specialities

Locksmiths will often be either specialists in residential properties, or specialists in commercial properties. They will tend to have very different locking systems and mechanisms, so the locksmith will be experienced in one or the other. Residential locksmiths will have a specific skill set to make sure they can deal with all residential issues, including … Continue reading

Working as a Locksmith Apprentice

Becoming a locksmith is a very rewarding and much needed job. You will be working with people, helping them out during difficult times and this can bring lots of job satisfaction. So how do you get into the industry? There aren’t any set routes into becoming a locksmith. One good option is to become a … Continue reading

How to Work in Retail Security

The retail security market is a good area to get into for professional security guards. There is plenty of work available, with some flexible shift patterns that you can work around you. Here are some of the ways to get into retail security: Get a qualification endorsed by the SIA. This stands for Security Industry … Continue reading