Building Access Security – Keeping your Property Safe

Access to buildings can pose one of the biggest threats to security. If it is easy for criminals to get into a building, they can access all kinds of personal information and details, as well as having the potential to carry out a robbery or steal valuable pieces of equipment. Here are some considerations for good access security:

  • Get key fobs for workers. This will give people secure access to the building and it can’t be cloned like a key. If someone loses a fob, it can simply be deactivated.
  • Ask guests to sign in. Make sure there is a security presence at the entrance to your building. Ensure they have the authority to sign your guests in.
  • Get an entry gate. Give staff a code to enter and get visitors to call security to gain entry. You will then know that somebody is approaching your building and it will be harder for people to gain unlawful access.