Counter surveillance equipment is used when information or conversations need to be kept secure and secret. This is often part of national security measures and is done in the interests of keeping the country as safe as possible. It might be used by police, security agents, the military, and organisation like MI5 or MI6.

It is important to detect threats early on so that they can be dealt with accordingly. This is where counter surveillance equipment comes in. It is possible to use counter surveillance devices in a range of settings, including buildings and vehicles. Bug detectors will pick up various forms of surveillance, including:

• VHF and UHF audio devices
• GSM bugs
• Wifi
• Bluetooth
• 3G or 4G-based devices

Bug detectors come in all shapes and sizes, from small pocket detectors to large, integrated systems. Technology for these detectors is now very sophisticated and can pick up weak signals that are challenging to detect.